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Gary McKay interviewed the men of Delta Company from the last Australian battalion that served in Viet Nam. In 1993, he travelled back to Viet Nam with some of them. There he met with former Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers, who shared their private views on one of the most tragic episodes in Australian military history.
Delta Four exposes the inner workings of a rifle company – how its soldiers trained for war, and how they operated and fought in the war zone. It examines the basic qualities of infantry soldiering, of leadership and battlecraft. Above all else, it gives the soldier’s viewpoints of those aspects of war-fighting not found in training pamphlets.
The reader will share in the inner most feelings and thoughts of the men whose job was to seek out, close with and kill the elusive Viet Cong and North Vietnamese enemy. They will share in the triumphs and tragedies, the tears and belly laughs of men who spent every day wondering if this would be their last.
 The endorsements for this book come from two of Australia’s eminent infantry leaders who served in Korea, Malaya and Viet Nam.
‘Dear Gary,
I have just finished reading your great book Delta Four. It is a vivid, gripping and very fine description of the Australian Infantry soldier… Although the actions described are all in Viet Nam, the theme of the quite exceptional Aussie Digger could apply equally well to all other wars in which we have fought.’
Brigadier, The Honourable David Thomson, MC, RL
‘Gary McKay vividly recalls the challenges faced by junior leaders in Viet Nam in the 1970s in a way that makes his book essential reading for junior and not-so-junior leaders in the armed forces today… It is relevant to junior leaders in many walks of life, not only for its military aspects but also for its examples of human relationships and in all leadership.’
Major General A. L. Morrison, AO, DSO, MBE
RRP -  Paperback, 313 pages with illustrations, maps and index. $A 20.00 plus postage & handling costs.




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