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Sleeping With Your Ears Open takes you on patrol with the men of the Australian SAS as they conduct their operations in Borneo and South Viet Nam.
Accompanied by personal photographs from these secret operations, the stories in this book are told first-hand by the SAS men themselves. Gary McKay interviewed men who served in the swamps and mountains of Borneo and the jungles of Viet Nam, to get a feel for how they thought and what type of teamwork was required on the SAS patrol. The men who flew the Huey helicopters in support of the SAS operations in Viet Nam have also contributed and they give a graphic account of the exacting and demanding patrol insertion techniques that ensured the patrol and aircrew’s survival.
The reader will be with the SAS soldiers on patrol where on occasions they were unable to move even six metres for fear of being caught. The nerve-wracking drama of living on the edge is conveyed through the experiences of the men who often thought that ‘this patrol might well be their last’. The five-man patrols were always outnumbered but never defeated: this book shows why these elite soldiers were able to survive.
Endorsements to date include:
‘Sleeping With Your Ears Open takes the reader into the heart and soul of the men of the Australian Army’s Special Air Service Regiment. It provides a clear insight into the rigours of the SAS selection process, training for war in Papua New Guinea, then in graphic and sometimes raw and brutal detail into combat behind enemy lines in Borneo and South Viet Nam.
It is an engrossing soldier’s story. One in which the qualities of the men, their mental, physical and psychological toughness, together with their superb battlecraft, essential for operating in small teams isolated in the ‘enemy’s backyard’, emerge as the key components for their success in these two conflicts.’
Brigadier Rod Curtis, AM, MC, (Ret’d), former CO of the SASR
‘McKay has done what few other authors writing about the SAS achieve. He debunks the myths and lets the men who served in the Regiment tell it as it was. My children ask me what it was like to serve with the SAS in South Viet Nam: I will give them this book to read.’
Brigadier Chris Roberts, AM, CSC, former CO of the SASR and troop and patrol leader in Viet Nam
The hardback version is now a collector’s item and Batawood Books holds the remaining 50 copies in existence. The paperback version has been taken out of print and replaced with a new edition called On patrol with the SAS – Sleeping with your ears open.




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