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With Healing Hands - The untold story of Australian civilian surgical teams in Vietnam

This book was co-authored with Libby Stewart from the Australian War Memorial, and tells the story of the surgeons and operating theatre staff who volunteered to serve in South Viet Nam.The teams served from October 1964 through to the end of 1972, and they brought expert medical and surgical care, comfort and support to a war-weary and traumatised civilian population. Major General W. B. 'Digger' James has written the Foreword. The RRP is expected to be $35.00

Times of Change – A history of Caloundra City

This large coffee table format book chronicles the history of white settlement in what was called Landsborough Shire and is now Caloundra City. Supported by over 200 historical images, many never seen in public before, this book describes the intrepid explorers and gutsy adventurers who settled in the region to first win precious timber for the settlement of Brisbane Town and then raise cattle, horses and crops for the region.


Going Back - Australian veterans return to Viet Nam

This book is designed for the Australian war veteran who is thinking of returning to Viet Nam. Based on the experiences from three tours with veterans and a case study from a recent tour, Gary has captured the emotions and experiences of fellow veterans as they return to Viet Nam, many for the first time since they were on the battlefield. It allows the veteran to make up his or her mind on what to do when returning to the former war zone.

Men Who Perservered The Men Who Persevered

The first Australians committed to serve in Viet Nam were a group of military instructors known as the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam. Their initial role was to assist in the training of the ground forces of South Viet Nam. But battalion battles and artillery duels, the relief of besieged camps, and mobile strike forces became part of the mosaic that saw this curiously named unit forge a distinct chapter in Australia’s military history. The Men Who Persevered is the story of their war. 

Australia's Battlefields In Viet Nam - A Traveller's Guide

In 2002 Gary McKay returned to Viet Nam and retraced the steps of those who had gone before and after him.

Gary presents an essential guide to the battlefields in Viet Nam for today's traveller. He provides practical tips on how to get to each site, what to look for and how to avoid the pitfalls of journeying in Viet Nam. Along the way, he chronicles the major battles fought by the 1st Australian Task Force, accompanied by gripping narratives of the actions.


Viet Nam Shots

Gary McKay and Elizabeth Stewart

Photographic coverage of Australia's involvement in the Viet Nam war, on the battlefield and on the home front, backed up by explanatory text and captions.


Often dealing with the traumatic loss of lives, homes and worldly possessions, these men and women face peril on a daily basis.  This book tells of the professionalism, courage and dedication of the firefighters who place their lives on the line every time the alarm bell rings.


This best-seller was re-released in a second edition with a foreword by NT Administrator Clare Martin in 2005
On Christmas Day 1974, Australia woke up to the news that Darwin had been devastated by Cyclone Tracy. Twenty-seven years later, some of those who lived through the cyclone recall their frightening experiences-from the sheer terror of the storm itself, to the heart-wrenching days that followed and the massive clean-up operation and evacuation of more than 20,000 people in six days. This is a compelling account of tragedy, survival and human courage.


Jungle Tracks (Currently out of print. Due for re-release as hardback late 2007)

Jungle Tracks tells the stories of the men who went to war in South Viet Nam in the armoured personnel carriers and tanks of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps, and of those of the Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical engineers and Royal Australian Engineer mini-teams who supported them. It is very readable and is brought to life through a collection of comments from veterans on events that typify the operations in which those men were involved.


All Guts and No Glory is a no-pulled-punches account, covering all the major actions Buick's platoon encountered,  It brings to life the frustrating, gut-wrenching and sorrowful experience of those who served as infantry warriors in Viet Nam, only to come home to an apathetic and sometimes hostile public.  This is a poignant reminder of what combat, infantry soldering and the Viet Nam War was all about.  All Guts and No Glory also debunks the myths, lies and legends of the Long Tan Battle.


Viet Nam was Australia's longest war.  What was it really like for the 50 000 Australians who served between 1962 and 1972?  Bullets, Beans and Bandages is a unique collection of impressions, reactions, feelings and fears - the often spellbinding personal experiences of Australians who saw active service in the Viet Nam War. 


This is a grass roots account of what infantry soldiering is all about and includes all of the highs and lows that men in combat will experience at some time. A straightforward story of the fears and the camaraderie which soldiers experience in combat.  Anyone who wants to understand what service in South Viet Nam meant to those who were there, should read this book.


Delta Four exposes the inner workings of a rifle company – how its soldiers trained for war, and how they operated and fought in the war zone. It examines the basic qualities of infantry soldiering, of leadership and battlecraft. Above all else, it gives the soldier’s viewpoints of those aspects of war-fighting not found in training pamphlets.


On patrol with the SAS – Sleeping with Your Ears Open

This is a second edition of the original book Sleeping with your ears open in a different format and supplemented by more images. It captures the training of the SAS soldiers and their operations in Borneo and then South Viet Nam where they were spectacularly successful in operations against the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army.


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